Quebec portrait portfolio

Disponibilité en Juin et juillet, pour prendre un rendez-vous, écrivez-moi à


“Brigitte was awesome. She was friendly, easy going and made us very relaxed for the entire time. Our photo shoot was a lot of fun and we greatly enjoyed the time with her. Brigitte was very aware and paying close attentions to the light, and the most of the pictures came out beautifully. She also told us about this very special island called Île d’Orléans just outside of Quebec City. We spent a day there and it became one of the highlights of our trip! It really was a priceless piece of information.”


Sylvia Vigneault et sa famille

Mylene Latulippe


Famille Fortin

Famille Nadine Truchon

Famille amies Truchon

Famille Rochon

Terence et Nathan Berthiaume, Agence Caractère.

Famille Lortie,

Famille Berthiaume.

Famille Harrington

Famille Carine Dubois.

Barbara et Romane.


Famille Poitras


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